Who am I?

Just an enthusiastic amateur valve amp designer and builder. I also play guitar and I love composing and recording my own music.

Latest projects

Why is this site here?

For no reason other than I've had a vanity web site for years. I find it handy to be able to use this space to share some of my projects with family and friends.

In recent weeks I discovered the joys of blogspot. It saves me quite a bit of work when I want to publish my latest bits to the web. I'll be keeping this web site, but it will mainly used to signpost to the projects on blogspot.

It's all been a bit quiet...

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma on 9 May 2014. My chemotherapy treatment started three weeks later and has pretty much occupied my time. Among the side effects was the loss of fine motor control and feeling in my hands, so my guitar playing and amp building activities got put on indefinite hold. My six months of treatment has now come to an end and I'm just waiting for the post chemo scans to find out whether I'm clear. I'm confident that normal service will be resumed in 2015.

Being pretty much housebound for a few months has been a silver-lined cloud though. I discovered that I could still get my hands to work on the neck of a ukulele, and I've been teaching myself to play this wonderful little instrument since the middle of June. I've also started to really look at taking photography more seriously. I'm currently fascinated by macro and super-macro light experiments. There are some examples of my dabblings here on the 500px web site.