Loud guitar

My taste in music tends to be quite catholic and I enjoy most styles when I'm listening. When I'm playing and writing, I tend to be on the "it goes to eleven" side of loud. However, I also love mixing up genres.

In the studio

Ok. I mentioned this one that was on the back burner. It's a piece that me and Gerry Callaghan have been working on. Gerry wrote the words and did the singing. We kinda like it. And it's called Two Times Shy.

If you want an idea of the sort of noises me, Frankie (my mutant Telecaster) and my 1 watt valve amp make... have a listen to My Valentine.

For a bit of fun, and with a special guest appearance from my familiar, Peewee the big black and white cat, there's Blow the dust off.

For an example of my mixing of genres as well as winding things up to way beyond 11, try Overflow or Thermal Imaging.

All the above were recordings I made for February Album Writing Month (FAWM) 2012.

Blow the dust off and Thermal Imaging were conceived as musical bookends and work best if listened to in that order. ;-)

And here are a couple more, which hopefully give you more of an idea of how broad my tastes are. And this one, Midnight Mass for Mistress Madness, shows that I quite like to work with other musicians - just not necessarily in the same room. And in this case, we were on three different continents!

Eyes that bite is another of my genre-mashing works.