May 2020

9 May 2020 :: Closed for a bit of a rethink and a rebuild

Week six of the coronavirus lock down here in the UK.

I've been looking at the possibility of making my personal project, the Dragondreams T'Watt guitar amplifier, available to purchase. This was down to a few enquiries from fellow musicians who have heard it used in anger and would like to own one themselves.

This amplifier has been evolving and developing for the last ten years, and my "sound" has become recognisable among the people who listen to my music.

I'm wading my way through the process of looking at costings so I can determine a reasonable price to charge for the ownership of one of these hand-built, all-valve beasts. And it's proving harder than I could have imagined. My own amps have been built from parts collected together over the last decade. When I came to look at sourcing these for new builds, I'm finding it hard to locate suppliers.

I'm also looking at making a couple of options available: from a really basic version that will run from clean to a little bit "bluesy dirty"; to a more ferocious "will melt your face if you're not careful" version.

So, coming soon, the Dragondreams T'Watt!

"Watch this space for developments..."